Air Radon Mitigation

Get Rid of Deadly Radon Gas

If there are high levels of radon in your house, time is your worst enemy. The longer you’re exposed to the harmful gas, the more likely you’ll experience damaging health effects. Cleanse the air in your home by arranging for radon mitigation services from Radon Technologies LLC today.

We’ll install a cutting-edge system to vent the radon from the bedrock. The installation only takes a few hours.

Contact us today to get a free estimate on your radon air mitigation service in the Greater Augusta area.

Take a deep breath of fresher, cleaner air

Is there radon in the air in your house? Improve your air quality by turning to Radon Technologies for radon air mitigation services.

During the process, you can expect us to:

  • Find a discrete place to install the system
  • Install a PVC pipe to remove the radon and direct it outside
  • Hook up a special fan to draw out the radon gas

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